FOD 1208 Series

The Optical Tester FOD 1208 includes Light Source at 1310 and 1550 nm, Optical Power Meter and Visual Fault Locator. Wave ID mode allows to indicate test results at two wavelengths permanently to save technician’s time and avoid measurement mistakes.
FOD 1208 is created for service and maintenance. The main application is optic cables attenuation measurement.

• Two wavelength test results are indicated permanently
• Power Meter, Light Source and Visual Fault Locator in one compact case
• Automatic wavelength identifcation
• Tone detection

Protective rubber boot; soft carrying case;
AC Adapter 110-240V / 50-60Hz included


Wavelength ID Mode 1310/1550; 1490/1550; 1550/1625 nm
Calibrated Wavelength 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625, 1650 nm
Measurement Range -47 to +23 dBm
Resolution 0.01 dB
Accuracy* ±0.25 dB
Measurement Units mW, mW, nW, dBm, dB
Photodiode, active diameter InGaAs, 1mm
Tone Detection 1kHz, 2kHz, 270 Hz, 330 Hz, Wave ID
Tone Detect Range >-40 dBm
Wavelength ID Range >-35 dBm
Battery Lifetime 400 Hours
Changeable Adapter FC, ST, SC, LC, Universal 1.25 and 2.5mm
Wavelength (1310±20), (1550±20) nm
Spectral Width 2 nm typical, 5 nm maximum
Output Power 1 mW
Nonstability@1 Hour 0.05 dB
Internal Modulation 1kHz, 2kHz, Wave ID, CW
Battery Lifetime 40 Hours
Changeable Adapter FC, ST, SC, LC, Universal 2.5mm
Wavelength (650±10) nm
Output Power 0.8mW in SM 9/125m fber
Safety Class Class II FDA21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11, IEC 60825-1:2007-03
Weight and dimensions 147x74x28cm / 250g
Power NiMH rechargeable batteries + AC Adapter 110-240V / 50-60Hz
Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C, 75% humidity non-condensing
Storage temperature -30°C to +60°C, 75% humidity non-condensing
* @23±2°С, -20 dBm optical power, ±2 nm calibrated wavelength

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