FOD 5516 Series

The FOD5516 Clip-on Coupler is designed to inject and detect light signals in Single mode optical fiber. The FOD5516 is used when there is no access to one or both fiber ends such as in splice enclosures. The most common applications are with Optical Talks Sets and injecting a test tone to trace fibers with an Optical Fiber Identifier along the network. The FOD5516 does not affect the mechanical integrity of the fiber.


Coupling Efficiency* @1310nm < 22 dB, 20 dB typical
Coupling Efficiency* @1550nm < 17 dB, 16 dB typical
Insertion Loss* @1310 nm <7 dB, 3 dB typical
Insertion Loss* @1550 nm <8 dB, 7 dB typical
Optical Interface Specify FC, SC, Angled SC, LC
Back Reflection on tapped fiber* < -60dB
Weight <170 g
Dimensions 35Hх75Wх75L mm
Operating temperature 10 to +35oC, 85% humidity non-condensing
Storage temperature 0 to +50oC, 95% humidity non-condensing
*into SMF28e+ clear coated 250 micron

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